FRow Boards, electric skateboards by Nyetech of Forest Row, East Sussex, England. Ethical urban transport. Get onboard.

  • Fast
  • Powerful
  • Intense
  • Electrically Powered Skateboard.


  • Rechargeable
  • Long Battery Life – 21 miles per ride*
  • Top speed 24 mph*                                                                                         *roughly

Ethical urban transport, may also cause excitement

  • Commute Mode – nice safe steady
  • Rush Mode – Intense
  • Carry an adult up to 120Kg

FRow Boards from Forest Row, England.


SAFETY IS No1 – FRowboards are the only electric skateboards in the world with onboard FRowsafe(patent-pending) active-pyro battery management. Meaning our board and batteries are monitored by FRowsafe’s fire detection and elimination system. An inbuilt on board fire extinguishing system eliminating all battery fire risk. Making our electric boards the safest out there. No other boards anywhere have this.











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