FRow Boards, electric and custom electric skateboards by Nyetech of Forest Row, East Sussex, England.  Nyetech are an Electronics and Nanotechnology company in the heart of the Ashdown Forest. The Nyetech team has over 25 years expertise at the cutting edge of tech, Nyetech’s ethical designs include radical transport solutions, our powerful, fast, reliable electric eskateboards and escooters

Lightweight, portable, designed for the toughest environments, our eskateboards and escooters are not toys….They are serious urban transport machines…..and fun

All our boards incorportate battery safety systems which monitor and protect batteries from damage and discharge. They have been fireproofed by the incorporation of fire suppression technology, the same technology used in the worldwide shipping and storage of lithium ion batteries. All our batteries fully meet stringent UK safety requirements. We are happy to declare that our electric vehicles are the safest they can be.

Our boards are fully CE marked and come backed up with friendly British technical support, and our no quibble warrantee replacement.

Get onboard go with the FRow.